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Digital Marketing | Law Firms

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Research has shown that out of 4000 adults surveyed about 76% of them use online resources to search for a lawyer; this is a pointer that shows that digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to law firms. Most legal service industries are now adopting to practices and recent technologies to reach out to their customers in the digital age.

Most law firms are guilty of some of the least important marketing strategies there are. This poses a very great advantage for those who understand modern online marketing and work well with it. Law firms require a digital marketing strategy because of how increasingly competitive the law business environment is today. They are so many law firms that are competing for the same set of target clients, so a law firm is losing business daily if they do not cut through the noise and get their message across to potential clients.

Branding - One pertinent question to ask is, who is the target audience? Of course, legal services can be offered to everyone and so most law firms who want to embark on digital marketing lookout for these two factors when selecting their solicitors: sector expertise and commerciality.

Content and social media strategy are also important to a law firm. Once the target audience has been defined, there is a need to strategize how to get across to them. That is where social media comes in. Also, the content framework has to be capturing so that when clients see it, they become engaged; that is what the content marketing is all about. This is the key that enables law firms to build a very large and real community that competitors can only dream of.

The search engine is also one of the tools that clients use when looking for law firms, and this is optimized into two forms: focusing on owning a large part of the local legal search market or targeting industry niches based on a national basis. There is a basic need to include many rich landing pages that have specific targets and features such as FAQ's, Customer Testimonials, Address and google map integration, details of the expert within a particular department. Etc.

Automation is vital towards a digital marketing campaign for law firms; this refers to the software that performs automation of some repetitive tasks such as email marketing to users or groups of users, social media posts, and the delivery of personalized content or messages.

Pay per click (PPC) is also another advertising model used by law firms whereby these law firms pay search engines to show their advertisement in first-class positions on search results. Another marketing strategy channel being used is analytics: this helps to coordinate, monitor and measure the degree of success of any digital marketing approach and business needs, they do this by having web analytics packages installed on their sites.

In recent years, most law firms have pushed heavily in some technologies like content management systems, marketing automation software and analytics packages. Law firms are striving to keep up with the latest trend in digital marketing because they have known the critical importance of digital marketing in their industry.

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